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The Miseducation of Hamilton: America's First Shadow Banker Redefines Reality

•, Aaron Dykes

Monuments and artifacts, now struggling for survival against not only the elements of the ages, but now the memory of its significance. Their potential symbolic meanings have puzzled our minds as we grew in knowledge and deliberated over the possibilities. Their second-order meanings attributed by society; signified in the language communicated between minds. Some in the now, some across time. Anyway, we've been working on the material for one of our next big, in-depth film projects.

That has meant thousands of miles, dozens of states, interviews and confrontations with extreme weather, particularly extreme heat and heavy rains and floods, indicative of the Southwest U.S. And a crumbling society. Places where life 'found a way' that was rich with symbolic, metaphoric, sacred meaning. What is known about these places gives evidence of a very active mental history in the development of mankind on this continent. Most is lost. Its surviving riches are concealed within exclusive societies and lodges and extant only in forms such as petroglyphs and recovered artifacts. Those film series – the fruit of our observations and fascinating encounters are forthcoming. Stay tuned.

Melissa and I were so busy with this travel for the project, and getting enough videos done for you all, that I hardly noticed I had lapsed into medical emergency. No, nothing even remotely related to vaccines or COVID, but rather the signs of an UTI infection or stricture, or both, which complicated and worsened, requiring emergency surgery, anesthesia, several days in the hospital, heavy medication, pokes and prods and several weeks to recover from the wound of a removed abscess that has caused much pain and anxious mental toil. In short, a personal nightmare that could have been even worse.

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There is way too much info about banking to understand the bad side by looking at it. So, I'll make it simple. Almost all new money comes into existence through bank loans. And the point is the final loan paperwork, the promissory note. Does this note have value if it is not signed by the borrower? No, because you can't trade an unsigned note for any money. The bank won't do it. After the note is signed, it has value that allows it to be traded for money. Since the value of the note is traded for the money, the note actually prepays the loan. The loan is paid off before it is received. It is essentially a creation of new money that you and the bank have done together. All that's left is how to fight the bankers if they come after you for more money (loan payments), AND to use simple processes to clean up your bad credit that results. Search on "Tom Schauf, bank freedom" -