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Homeland Security May Have Allowed Dangerous, Unvetted Afghans Into US: Inspector General

• by Naveen Anthrapully

The DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) conducted an audit to determine the extent to which the DHS screened, vetted, and inspected the evacuees.

"We determined some information used to vet evacuees through U.S. Government databases, such as name, date of birth, identification number, and travel document data were inaccurate, incomplete, or missing," the OIG said in its Sept. 6 report (pdf).

"We also determined [Customs and Border Patrol] admitted or paroled evacuees who were not fully vetted into the United States." As a consequence, the DHS may have admitted individuals into the country who pose a risk to national security and threaten the safety of local communities, the OIG warned.

The audit found that of the 88,977 evacuee records inspected, 417 did not have first names, 242 did not have last names, and 11,110 had their date of birth recorded as Jan. 1.

In addition, 7,800 records had missing or invalid travel document numbers while 36,400 records had a "facilitation document" as the travel document type. During the audit, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) could not define what the "facilitation document" was.