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MILLIONS of Americans to be EVICTED from their homes as economic collapse accelerates

•, by: Mike Adams

Now, we're learning that as many as 3.8 million American renters could face eviction in the next two months (see because they can't keep up with rent payments, which now average over $2,000 / month in America.

Thanks to the disastrous economic policies of the illegitimate Biden regime that staged a ballot-stuffing election insurrection to steal the presidency, the American people are suffering like never before, fending off skyrocketing inflation (at nearly 20% once you include food, fuel and energy), rising food prices, still-high fuel prices (diesel just went back up over $5 / gallon today), and unaffordable rent and housing.

More and more Americans, it turns out, are going to have to choose between housing and food, meaning millions of new people will be homeless and / or starving before year's end… all while Biden and the Democrats claims that Republicans are "a threat to democracy."

What genius idea do Democrats propose to handle all the new millions of homeless people? Although this sounds incredible, it's true: Los Angeles lawmakers hope to force hotels to house the homeless.