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"It Was ABUSIVE And Exploitive" – Katie Hobbs' Former Campaign Staffers Who Resigned..

• By Jordan Conradson

Radical Left Democrat Katie Hobbs' campaign for Arizona Governor is facing a "mass exodus" of employees quitting over her inability to provide a healthy work environment.

This has left several former staffers questioning whether or not they will vote for Katie Hobbs and if she even deserves to win in the general election.

This comes after Hobbs was twice found guilty of racial discrimination against Talonya Adams, a black woman and former Democratic staffer in the Arizona Senate who Katie Hobbs fired due to race. Adams later called on Katie Hobbs to resign from the Secretary of State's office and drop out of the race for governor.

As reported by Arizona Agenda on Substack, eight staffers had already resigned before the August 2nd Primary Election, crediting a hostile work environment "created by a new campaign manager who was brought in to turn the campaign around following a cycle of poor fundraising and bruising media coverage over Talonya Adams, a Black woman who Hobbs fired from the Senate after she raised issues of pay equity."

The Hobbs campaign announced campaign manager Nicole DeMont's hiring on March 15th, and within about four months, nearly ten staffers quit!

Hank Stephenson reported,

In the past five months, two-thirds of Democrat Katie Hobbs' gubernatorial campaign staff have left, and several describe the campaign as an emotionally abusive atmosphere that got so bad, they were forced to upend their lives and plans mid-election and seek employment elsewhere.

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