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Pandemic Lies Infect the UN and the US

• by Janet Phelan

This declaration was made several years after I met with the then head of Disarmament Affairs, Jarma Sareva, and several of his underlings for the stated purpose of turning over documentation concerning the offensive bioweapons program maintained by the US.

Sareva was very nervous about our meeting. He made a point of closing the door to his office, over my objections. Apparently he did not wish others to hear what we were discussing. In addition, he voiced disinclination to address the information I was attempting to give him. "Countries could use this for political purposes," he said, his voice trailing off.

Given the clamor to climb on board with the recent and frankly suspect pandemic, one might wonder what countries he was referring to. Tanzania, where the president mocked the official narrative, demonstrating PCR results showing Covid infection in a goat and a papaya, then keeled over dead? Mexico, where the president kept the borders open and refused to shut down the economy, while still courting US dollars and support?