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Notified! Letters Have Been Sent to Education and Health Officials in All 50 States -

• by B.N. Frank

According to poll results published last month, half of parents don't know how much screen time damages kids' vision.  Of course, numerous studies have already determined that exposure to blue light from screens and energy-saving light bulbs is biologically harmful and in more ways than how it affects vision (see 1234567891011).  Other warnings about kids' screen use (addiction, etc.) have been cited by various experts over the years as well.

Additionally, research has determined that exposure to electromagnetic radiation being emitted by screens and other wireless sources is also especially harmful to children (see 1234).  This has already led to schools worldwide replacing Wi-Fi with hardwired internet connections.  Nevertheless, so many American school districts (see 1234) and organizations seem to still be encouraging kids to spend more time using and/or being exposed to wireless radiation-emitting technology including increasingly controversial virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Thanks to Environmental Health Trust for writing and sending out letters to officials, etc. in all 50 states about kids' vulnerability to exposure to common EMF/RF radiation-emitting sources used in schools.  Of course, these letters may be shared with other officials and groups in all 50 states as well.