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Welcome to the World of Bankster Magic Where We Shall Have --

• by David Haggith

At the start of the year he said we were entering the "strongest economy" he had ever seen. Then he said he saw storm clouds. Then he said his storm-cloud forecast might have been underestimating the calamity coming upon us because we were likely facing an economic "hurricane." Now we're back to "storm clouds" and a "strong economy." JPMorgan's CEO, Jamie Dimon, goes wherever the wind blows that particular day.

And, yet, the world listens to him as if he had an opinion that actually meant anything. It matters not that his economic predictions vacillate every week from dark clouds to blinding sunlight … because he's a major bankster in charge of one of the globe's biggest banks that rigs the price of gold and other precious metals, which will survive the slap on the hand it gets from our overlords in order to go on and do more of something similar down the road. One might expect this shyster's words were intended just to rig the stock market from day to day into making big swings his bank can play, but that would be cynical on my part — an accusation of merit without a basis in provable fact.

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