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Russian Defence Ministry said their forces have taken full control of Pisky village in Ukraine's Donetsk region and have destroyed an ammo depo and HIMARS rocket system near Kramatorsk, according to Interfax. However, the Ukrainian military later stated that fierce fighting continues at Pisky village.

Russian Foreign Ministry warned that the possible seizure of Russian assets by the US in favour of Ukraine will complete the destruction of Russia-US relations, while it was reported late on Friday that Russia told the US that diplomatic relations would be badly damaged and could even be broken off if Russia is declared a state sponsor of terrorism, according to TASS.

US Secretary of State Blinken said that they are concerned about reports of British, Swedish and Croatian nationals being charged by illegitimate authorities in Eastern Ukraine, while he also said that Russia and its proxies have an obligation to respect international humanitarian law including the rights and protections afforded to prisoners of war.

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