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Trump Raid? What the Hell Is Wrong with this Picture?

• - Gary D. Barnett

We have just been through over two and a half years of total tyranny, leading to complete totalitarianism. The country's slave-class (voluntarily) accepted home prison called lockdowns, they accepted the forced loss of their jobs, they accepted the loss of most all their freedom, they accepted state staged riots, property destruction and brutal violence, all allowed by the state, they accepted a loss of most all mobility to travel, they accepted wearing deadly masks by order, and they accepted experimental poisonous bioweapon injections by the hundreds of millions.

They lived with purposely manufactured food shortages, they lived with loss of income at the hands of the hypocritical monsters in political office, they abandoned their families and friends, they lost all decent medical care, (what little there was) they lived with mass state murder that is democide, they reported their neighbors and shunned all who did not comply with state-mandate idiocy, and they crawled under rocks pretending that nothing was amiss.

They watched as trillions of fake dollars were printed, (theft of property) stolen and fed to the banking and corporate masters, they watched as a staged war in Ukraine became the fodder for stupidity world-wide, they watched as prices doubled, tripled, and in some cases went up a hundred fold almost overnight. They watched as police beatings increased dramatically, allowed mass shootings staged by government and ignored by police, and they watched as the state threatened and are now implementing the poisoning and killing of children by lethal injection with fake 'vaccines.'