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Amid 'green energy' collapse, Germany now reconsidering decision to shut down zero-emission.

• by JD Heyes

Most everyone on the planet wants to breathe clean air and drink clean water, but the far-left's embrace of so-called "green energy" has been nothing short of lunacy.

It's true that fossil fuels produce carbons and pollutants, but with today's technology — especially for American- and Western-made automobiles — the amount of harmful emissions leased into the air and water are incredibly low by historical standards. And yet, the 'greenies' in the West insist that windmills and solar panel farms can produce enough "clean" energy to power modern economies, despite a couple of decades' worth of proof that demonstrates otherwise.

As such, the leaders of modern Western nations like Germany, overly influenced by the lunatics in the green movement, over-invested in such technologies and have discovered the hard way that they made a mistake.