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Klaus Schwab - How to Rule the World- Maybe!


Klaus Schwab does not understand human nature or how the world economy functions. He preaches Stakeholder Economics which failed and was instituted during the Depression BECAUSE there were no government programs. The theory then was that companies should contribute to saving society. It failed because there was no coordination, for every company was independent, and they would contribute to what they saw or had a bias toward.  His "Stakeholder Economics" is not his own idea. He took it from Berle and Means.

Milton Friedman, back in 1970, exposed how Stakeholder Economics was inefficient and stupid. He laid out that such a role was that of government, not corporations, whose #1 fiduciary obligation was to its shareholder. Under Schwab, I could say, "OK I will go public; everyone sends in money. I will give you shares in return and then say — OMG, there are people starving in Africa!" So, I decide to give 50% of all the profits to them and not my investors. This is Stakeholder Economics.