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British government offering farmers "lump sum" payments to stop growing food, sell their l

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The United Kingdom has introduced a new program that offers lump-sum, fiat cash payments to farmers who agree to stop farming and sell their often multi-generational, family-owned land to the government.

According to reports, farmers who accept the cash must either retire or take on a different job of which the government approves. The British government is calling the program a "Basic Payment Scheme" (BPS).

"The purpose is allegedly to fulfill Green policy agendas," writes Mike Campbell for The Counter Signal.

"Older farmers, who don't want to change their farming methods, are being asked to quit or sell their land. In turn, new farmers can adopt alternative, environmentally friendly farming techniques."

The Netherlands is similarly trying to out farming in order to go "green," though it is doing so by force rather than teasing the agricultural sector into compliance by dangling cash in front of farmers as an incentive.

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