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Ultrasound Patch "would communicate with your cellphone...

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Due to health and safety risks, some health professionals and scientists recommend only using ultrasound technology when it's absolutely necessary.  Nevertheless, engineers have designed an ultrasound sticker that can be worn by anyone who wants to wear it for monitoring their insides, including pregnant women.

Ultrasound 'sticker' could let pregnant women watch their babies grow — on a smartphone

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Mothers-to-be could soon be watching their babies grow in the womb on a digital device! MIT engineers have developed a stamp-sized sticking plaster that can produce high-resolution images of the heart, lungs, and other organs.

The technology would create a continuous ultrasound image for 48 hours. Along with pregnant women keeping an eye on their fetuses, the "sticker" could also improve monitoring of cancerous tumors. Researchers add the stickers have a host of potential applications, speeding up disease diagnosis and treatment.