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All Eyes Arizona: America First Candidates Soar Ahead Of Establishment In AZ Primaries


There's the governor's race, where Kari Lake is battling with Doug Ducey's handpicked successor Karrin Taylor Robson for the nomination. There's all the house seats too.

But there's another race that matters as well. That's the Secretary of State race. At the national level, the Secretary of State handles foreign policy, but at the state level they're the one in charge of elections. And in Arizona specifically, the Secretary of State is next in the line of succession for governor, because the state has no lieutenant governor.

Obviously, the biggest reason the uni-party was able to pull off all the crap they did in 2020 is because we have an entirely fake system filled with parasitic mobsters pretending to be "Republicans", who all sat around and let them.  But let's play along with the dialectic. Another reason is that, even though Republicans had the governor's mansion and the legislature, the state secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, was a Democrat, and completely willing to do whatever the Biden campaign needed to win the state: Mail-in ballots, mass absentee ballots, gutting verification standards, having new votes be "found" at 2 am, you name it.


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