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WEF Declares That The Color Of Democracy Is… Green?


Thus, driving up energy prices protects democracy. This insane reasoning is the bedrock ideology of the Great Reset, Green New Deal and Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy.

The fact is, the existence of democracy is being used and abused to accomplish the economic takeover of the world. Suckering people into thinking that the decline of democracy can be reversed by the implementation of Sustainable Development is a total logical disconnect. Scientific dictatorship is the polar opposite of a democratic society. ? TN Editor

Climate change and the decline of democracy are two global crises that have come to a head in recent years.

Transitioning to green energy is key to both tackling climate change and creating sustainable economies.

Collective action on a green transition is thereby not only good for the climate but also vital for protecting democracy.

Two global crises have come to a head – climate change and the decline of democracy.

If global warming is to be kept below 1.5 oC, the world must act now to reduce carbon emissions. Achieving this objective requires substantially lowering fossil fuel use through a clean energy transition.

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