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6 AR Add-ons & Kits That Are Still Legal

• By Jordan McDowe

The AR was first developed in the late 1950s as a military rifle, and has made significant advancements since then. While there are different AR guns, the most popular is the AR-15. The AR is a fantastic piece of machinery, but regardless of your shooting goals, there are some add-ons and kits that can benefit your AR and your wallet, and these added essentials are still legal!


How the rifle feels in your hands is vital because it will impact the level of comfort when you're shooting. Your primary focus should be on the target and not your hands. Therefore, having proper grips is number one on your add-on list.

AR grips are a must-have and one of the most common upgrades, especially for the AR-15. There are many things to consider when purchasing grips.

?    The feel – The feel could be smooth or rigid, depending on your preference.

?    The material – The material could be rubber or polymer.

?    The grip model – This aspect could include being angled or having vertical foregrips or pistol grips.

The proper grips will also reduce added stress on your wrists, allowing more relaxation while shooting.