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Court Decides Property Owners "who rent space" to Telecoms Can Be Held Liable for -

• by B.N. Frank

Decades of research has already proven that exposure to radiation from cell towers and antennae as well as other sources of wireless is biologically harmful.  Some governments are more proactive about warning residents about exposure risks.  Nevertheless, due to the "Race to 5G", cell towers and antennae continue to be installed at a rapid pace near homes, schools, pretty much everywhere worldwide.  Opposition to both 5G and 4G infrastructure continues to increase and has led to more citizens taking legal action to stop deployment especially near their homes.

From EMF Facts:

German court finds property owners can be liable for health impacts from base station antennas on their property

From the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation

Google translation:

A German court has clarified in a lawsuit that property owners who rent space for base stations and mobile towers assume responsibility for health consequences of the activity. Although the radiation is lower than the relevant reference values from the authorities, this does not mean that the property owner is not responsible for negative health consequences. According to Björn Gillberg, the same responsibility principles also apply in Sweden.