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Are US Weapons Supplied To Ukraine Ending Up On DarkNet Marketplaces?

• by Tyler Durden

A new investigation allegedly found some of these weapons are being sold on the dark web.

RT journalists pretended to be weapons buyers and claimed to have come in contact with Ukrainian arms smugglers offering machine guns, body armor, and some of the US/West's most advanced weapons, such as Javelin and NLAW anti-tank systems or Phoenix Ghost and Switchblade explosive drones.

The journalist said one darknet marketplace had a Phoenix Ghost loitering munition listed for $4,000. 

Another Ukrainian arms smuggler offered US-made body armor sets for $1,500 and M4 carbines with suppressors and hundreds of 5.56×45mm NATO rounds for $2,400 per set.

Besides US weapons, Ukrainian arms smugglers were selling British-made NLAW anti-tank systems for $15,000. Acquiring the anti-tank weapon legally would cost between $30,000 to $40,000.