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Hutchinson's Hearsay Testimony Debunked

• by Steve Byas

First of all, Hutchinson was not in the vehicle when the alleged incident took place, and she testified to the hand-picked (by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) committee only as to what she claims she was told. In other words, her testimony is what is referred to as "hearsay" evidence, which is only rarely admitted in a court of law. Some of those who were actually in the vehicle during the alleged incident have said they were not asked by the committee to testify, but they would be willing to do so now.

According to Hutchinson's hearsay testimony, Trump demanded that his Secret Service agents drive his limousine to the Capitol, where the infamous riot was taking place. It is not clear what Trump intended to do when he got to the Capitol, but the agents have reportedly confirmed that he was irate and that he did want them to take him to the Capitol. The agents, however, refused to do so, arguing that it was unsafe for him to go.

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