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Calls surge for special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden

•, By Bob Unruh

The calls for a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden are beginning to add up.

Hunter Biden, who has been described by his father, Joe Biden, as the "smartest man" he knows, has been consistently in the headlines since before his father was elected president.

When Joe Biden was vice president, Hunter Biden traveled often with him on Air Force Two, frequently returning with lucrative new business deals, including pacts with Chinese interests. He took in tens of thousands of dollars month from a Ukrainian gas company, even though he had no experience in the industry. Millions came in from a Russian oligarch.

Revelations from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop computer also reveal he's led a life of flagrant drug abuse over the years, involvement with prostitutes and financial crashes, all while selling access to his father – then vice president to Barack Obama – to Russian oligarchs and Chinese communists alike.

Veteran New York Post journalist Miranda Devine – who broke the Hunter Biden laptop stories just before the 2020 election –reports that a former friend describes the president's son as Joe Biden's "closest adviser."

The Post explained it obtained hard evidence of Hunter's influence on his father, with a voice recording from an iPhone backup where Hunter said, "He's going to talk about drug reform and any other thing that I want him to. … [Joe Biden] thinks I'm a god."