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President Trump Responds to Fraudulent Allegations by Surprise Witness Cassidy Hutchinson...

•, By Joe Hoft

President Trump unloaded on Cassidy Hutchinson on Truth Social this afternoon.  

TGP already pointed out that a big lie in Hutchinson's testimony has already been debunked by the Secret Service.  Sad.

President Trump provided his comments about Hutchinson.   He first shared that she was "a total phony and leaker" and that he personally turned her request down to go and work for President Trump in Florida.  "She is bad news" the President shared.

President Trump said that he never complained about the crowd on Jan 6 and that the crowd was massive.  He also shared that he said nothing about making room for people with guns to watch his speech and asks "Who would ever do that?"  Also, there were no guns found near that Capitol that day other than the gun used to kill Ashli Babbitt.

President Trump called her false story about him trying to grab a steering wheel "sick" and fraudulent – it wouldn't even have been possible for him to do such a "ridiculous thing".

President Trump pointed out also how she changed lawyers a few days ago and her story then changed "SHOCKER".

Also, Liz Cheney again did not mention the President's request to the million who attended to go peacefully.

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