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"De-Facto Amnesty" For Millions of Illegals: Biden Regime Quietly Begins Throwing Out...

•, By Julian Conradson

The floodgates have been open for over a year now, allowing millions of foreign nationals – few of whom have been vetted in any way – to come into the country and take advantage of Biden's taxpayer-funded migrant programs that are fueling this invasion.

Once the invaders arrive stateside, they are given aid, food, medicine, lodging, and even cash to spend as they please. Then they are loaded onto busses and planes by federal agents and contractors who secretly shuttle them across the country. Some illegals are even given cell phones as part of their welcome package.

As justification for this red carpet treatment the illegals are getting on behalf of the taxpayer, the Biden Regime has been promising that it is keeping tabs on these people and that they have been given the proper paperwork to appear in immigration court – because, if there's one thing illegal aliens are notorious for, it's following the law.