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Only Twice As High!

•, By eric

Such is the beneficence of Joe Biden, the peevish, gait-ataxia'd thing whose "executive orders" and other actions are why gas costs us twice what it did before he was (s)elected president. That is what happens when you reduce the supply of something for which there is great demand while at the same time increasing the supply of the money we're forced to used to buy it, thereby devaluing its purchasing power.

C'mon, man!

Now – well, for three months – it will cost us 18.4 cents less per gallon to buy because the Thing is proposing to hold in abeyance the federal tax on gas. The "relief" will be even more munificent – for three whole months!  – if you have to buy diesel, which is taxed at 24.4 cents per gallon.


It is almost exactly like the old saying about the mobster who breaks your leg but gives you a set of crutches – and expects you to be grateful for this act of kindness.