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Drag Queen Comes Clean: Keep Kids AWAY From Drag Shows, He Says

•, by Selwyn Duke

Keep your kids away from drag events.

They're akin to having, he says, "a stripper or a porn star influence your children."

To be clear, the drag queen phenomenon is not healthy, either for those involved or a wider society that rubber stamps it. This may be more obvious now to some with efforts made to indoctrinate children through "Drag Queen Story Hours," events that are sometimes taxpayer funded. And the characteristic brokenness of drag queens themselves is evidenced by their apparent zeal for inuring innocent children to their deviance.

Yet this is why it's noteworthy that Bill, a member of the #WalkAway movement, has inveighed against this phenomenon. In accordance with repeated warnings he has issued about the sexualization of children via sexual devolutionary events, Bill re-posted last week a powerful video he cut about drag and kids.