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For What It's Worth

• Mark Watson Studio 8424

This article originally printed at Flote 6/22/2022 .

[ Angela McArdle TWO ] is the new National Chair of the [ Libertarian Party ]

It is a sad commentary that the highest profile publication on Libertarian issues is STILL [ Reason ] "The gas tax is the one good tax, so it makes sense that it would also be the only one that President Joe Biden is considering suspending."

She was backed by the [ Mises Caucus, ] the "ideological" wing of the party, that wants Presidential Candidates like Ron Paul, but if they can't have him, they at least want someone who has read [ Ron Paul , TWO , THREE , FOUR , FIVE , SIX ] , [ Mises ] , or [ Rothbard , TWO , THREE , FOUR ], and otherwise reads [ ] and every day. Maybe pick up a [ Tom Woods ] book and read it, go on his Podcast, etc. Looks like [ Dave Smith ] wants to be President. Are you listening to [ LRN.FM TWO THREE FOUR ] yet?

Ok, I understand that.

For all that- if you are a smart libertarian, you go full on Anarchist instead, see [ Freedoms Phoenix ] [ I AM NO LONGER A LIBERTARIAN ]

Here is what I do not understand- it has now been made perfectly clear voting is nothing more than a dog and pony (or is that a Mule?) show, and the people who are in office, are [ AUTHORITARIAN ] , as it is the HIGHEST AUTHORITARIAN pseudo-elected position in the country. There is no way that a Libertarian would forego the [ NAP ] for the sake of winning HIGHEST AUTHORITARIAN, especially if the "ideological" wing had anything NAP about it.

If the US was in fact, still a Confederacy, as its name connotes from the [ Articles of Confederation ] , the LPA Libertarian Party Association (lose the word National) could assist local races, assuming there is anything NAP about those - which I am going to say NO.

I do not think I am wrong.

In my view, the way to get out of Statehood is to Divorce from it, do assert your freedom, and back it up. To demand and execute Private justice for all the actions of those in government acting against Liberty- such as Genocide for example.

Saying No to Lockdowns is still saying Yes to Masks, jabs, etc. I do not buy it. How many libertarians believe being Gaslit has ANYTHING to do with Personal Voluntary Choice, and NOT Coercion. Do you Voluntarily pay taxes? Did you voluntarily take the shot? I do not think so.

I do appreciate Texas leaving the United States, and I believe Tennessee and other States and localities, and individuals within these Gang Territories should do the same.

Once this is done, what of the State Parties? Do you declare your job done? What is next? What about Justice for the Damned?

Oh, but let's just grow the National Party vote tally by 10% a year.