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Kissinger and the War in Ukraine: The Messenger and the Master

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The Master of "Realpolitik", Nixon's Chief Diplomat with the reputation of "opening up" China for the US and the rest of the world in the early 1970s, this very Henry Kissinger, Peace Nobel Prize winner – and let's not forget, one of the world's most notorious war criminals still alive – yes, this Henry Kissinger, surprised the world, but he had foresight. There is no Peace without Zelenskyy's concessions. See this.

There is so much wrong with Ukraine, crime and corruption at all levels, plus MSM-unreported direct NATO interference, plus US funded war-degree (Grade 3) bio-labs throughout Ukraine, Russia would never give in. The war would become either a never-ending war of attrition (à la Afghanistan), or develop into a (nuclear?) WWIII scenario.

At his point, nobody is interested in a WW, let alone a nuclear WW. There would be no winners, as President Putin said many times. It would most probably become a Reset, far, very far, from Klaus Schwab's dream.

So, yes, addressing the WEF's keynote speaker, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, whom Klaus Schwab invited to give the Forum's opening speech, Kissinger said in no mistaken words, that Ukraine has to make some concessions, in return for Peace. He didn't specify. But looking at the Big Picture, it is pretty clear what type of concession Kissinger was thinking about.