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5 Off-Grid Coffee Brewing Methods for When the Power Goes Out

•, Aden Tate

So what do you do to get your brew if the grid goes down? If you're used to sauntering inside of the local coffee joint to cast a spell at the counter ("A biggo-mocha-soy-half-caf-light-ice-extra-cream, please."), or are used to having a machine on your kitchen counter heat up little plastic cups so that plastic leaches into your mug, what are you to do?

How do you make off-grid coffee?

Here are a few options that you may want to consider.

The best off-grid coffee at home: French press

This is the low-hanging fruit here. All you have to do is dump in your grounds, pour in your water, and wait. I'll boil a pot of water on the stove, put it in here, and wait about seven minutes. Then, press the plunger so that the grounds are filtered out of the coffee.

Zero plastic is involved, and if you're using a wood stove, there's zero electricity required either. The only negatives with using a French press are that it's not a very portable means of brewing coffee (you're not going to have one in your bug-out bag), and they typically are made of glass and are, therefore, fragile.

As far as off-grid coffee at home, though, this is my favorite method.