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MUST-READ, MUST-WATCH: The Real Victims of January 6:

•, by Annalisa Pesek

Journalist Julie Kelly (January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right) is one of those rare, intrepid reporters who will dare to speak the truth when hundreds of thousands who also recognize the undeniable reality are too fearful to speak up and thus remain silent.

"January 6 was an inside job to entrap people who attended Trump's speech," stated Kelly in an interview with The Epoch Times' "Facts Matter" host Roman Balmakov.

Now, amid the debut of the notably dismally viewed six-part-planned, prime-time January 6 "witch hunt" committee hearings this week, Kelly's assertion is drawing increasing support following the release of a raw and harrowing new documentary, The Truth About January 6th.

The brief but important 45-minute film, originally published on The Gateway Pundit, highlights the disturbing oddities of "Insurrection Day," capturing compelling, historic video of a mostly peaceful crowd of Trump supporters being enticed, entrapped, and then attacked by not only Capitol Police, who ushered in thousands of protesters to the Capitol building, but also many still unnamed and unidentified individuals screaming into the crowd to storm the Capitol, "To Go In!"

The narrator of the film, Edward Jacob "Jake" Lang, is a January 6 defendant who, in multiple scenes, appears to be helping others in the crowd avoid being trampled by a mob rushing into the Capitol building.