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Germany Is Bringing the Next Phase of the Super Spike

•, David Forest

We got wind of developments showing the Super Spike window is progressing by the book.

As a reminder, there are several reasons why Super Spikes make investors rich. The sheer size of gains is a big factor. Individual hard assets – oil, silver, and sugar, to name a few – can spike hundreds or thousands of percent.

Another advantage of Super Spikes is the repeating gains.

During Super Spike windows, we don't just see one commodity rising. It's common to see several hard assets go up. We get multiple chances for big gains.

Because of the massive profit potential, my team and I created a roadmap for these times. We looked at the patterns during previous Super Spikes. The goal was: figure out what assets move and when.

Industrial commodities usually go first. When the economy is humming, tech-related commodities tend to fly.

That's where we are today. Electric vehicle (EV) related metals like nickel have been some of the top performers in recent months.

But it's critical to keep an eye on the road ahead. We want to position for the next big spikes coming down the pipe.