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Supreme Court DECLINES to hear appeal from St. Louis couple who face losing their...


The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the case of a St. Louis couple who are fighting to keep their law licenses after being penalized for brandishing guns at Black Lives Matter protesters passing by their home in summer 2020. 

It's one of multiple updates from the Supreme Court this morning, which also includes opinions on cases involving interstate commerce and Medicaid.

Notably absent were the high court's much-awaited decisions on abortion rights in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health and another in New York State Rifle and Pistol Asso­ci­ation v. Bruen, which could see the conservative-majority court drastically expand the right to conceal carry firearms. Those opinions are expected to come later this month.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey are personal injury attorneys who made headlines two years ago for waving their weapons at demonstrators who entered their gated community to protest outside of the mayor's home.

They claimed at the time to have been defending their home but later pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment, respectively. The couple was pardoned by Missouri's Republican Governor Mike Parson in August last year.

The state Supreme Court suspended their law licenses indefinitely earlier this year, agreeing with a petition from Missouri's chief disciplinary council that they acted out of 'moral turpitude' and with an 'indifference for public safety.'

However the court also issued a stay and one-year probation on the suspensions. 

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