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Ex-Navy SEAL tells Joe Rogan the US military is building a real-life 'Iron Man'...


A retired Navy SEAL spoke to podcaster Joe Rogan about the United States' military's plan to build a real-life suit for soldiers based on Marvel's Iron Man.

Kristin Beck, 55, was the guest on Wednesday's episode of The Joe Rogan Experience and spoke about the project, codenamed 'Carnivore.'

According to Task & Purpose, it was originally known as the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit, or TALOS but colloquially is called 'the Iron Man suit.' The program was stopped abruptly in 2019. 

Beck, the first openly transgender Navy SEAL and one who has been awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze Star, seemed to suggest that the suit was still in production. 

'We've been working on it for a long time,' Beck told Rogan. 'I was on the beginning of project. It was called 'Carnivore' first and a few other names. But in the beginning it was only a small handful of us working on it.'

Beck said the suit is made out of titanium, carbon and fiber. Rogan wanted to know if the suit was a type of exoskeleton.

'Yeah. It's much stronger. You can carry a thousand pounds, you can do a lot,' Beck said. 'If you think about that kind of a suit, an exoskeleton, how are you gonna move that exoskeleton, those people? So if you had a squad, let's just say you had 12 dudes in those exoskeletons, what airplane are gonna use? What humvees? What vehicles? How are you gonna get these guys around? What boats? It changes everything.'