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Watch: Climate Activist Smashes Cake Into Mona Lisa At Louvre

•, by Tyler Durden

The incident stunned nearby onlookers, who filmed the vandalism of the priceless Leonardo da Vinci famed masterpiece. 

A man reportedly entered the museum disguised as a wheelchair-bound elderly woman, complete with a wig. Some speculated that he could have been trans. The vandalism attack started when he rose from the wheelchair, then jumping toward the Mona Lisa and threw a full-sized cake on the painting.

Guards quickly grabbed the man and escorted him away from the painting, who was subsequently seen yelling "Think about Earth!"

The vandal is seen yelling in French: "Think about Earth! There are people who destroy it. All artists think about it. That's why I did it," according to videos of the aftermath. Images of the moment the cake was thrown at the painting have yet to emerge.

Given the Mona Lisa has been subject of multiple vandalism attempts going back decades, it has thankfully long been encased in bulletproof class, with the Louvre not reporting any damage to the paining in this latest incident.

"A man dressed as an old lady jumps out of a wheelchair and attempted to smash the bulletproof glass of the Mona Lisa. Then proceeds to smear cake on the glass and throws roses everywhere, all before being tackled by security," one eyewitness was quoted in The Guardian as saying.

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