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Chairless Chair 2.0 improves on the "wearable chair" concept

• by By Ben Coxworth

Appropriately named the Chairless Chair 2.0, the recently announced device is manufactured by German company noonee. The idea behind it is still the same, in that workers who have to stand for long periods of time – but who don't want to carry a stool or folding chair with them everywhere they go – can simply sit in place whenever they want.Like the original model, the 2.0 utilizes a variable damper to support the wearer's body weight. The user simply bends their knees to get themselves down to the level at which they'd like to sit, and then engages the damper. The exoskeleton then locks into that configuration, directing their weight down to the heels of their shoes, to which it is attached – it also attaches to the thighs via straps, and to the waist using a belt.