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After Fierce Resistance, DHS Forced to "Pause" Its Disinformation Board & Corporate Media

• Activist Post - Matt Agorist

When the Department of Homeland Security announced in April that it would be creating the "Disinformation Governance Board" to combat what it referred to as "disinformation aimed at the US population and infrastructure," anyone who is not completely asleep or embedded in the system began to raise red flags. This newly established "Ministry of Truth" was a massive threat to the very fabric of freedom of information and to top it off, it was to be headed by one of the largest purveyors of disinformation in government — Nina Jankowicz.

As TFTP pointed out last week, Jankowicz is the so called "Russian disinformation expert" who was set to take charge of the group. She had risen up through the ranks of the bureaucracy by peddling disinformation of her own, such as the Russigate hoax, and lies discrediting the Hunter Biden laptop scandal as "Russian disinformation."

In addition, as noted by journalist Ben Norton, Jankowicz has a storied career as a torch bearer for the establishment. Working for CIA cutouts helping to run regime-change operations in eastern Europe; Smearing anti-war journalists; And referring to WikiLeaks as "scum" while baselessly accusing them of working for the Kremlin.