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A Common Sense Conversation with Andy Kaufman MD and Dr Tom Cowan

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The last time I spoke with Andy was almost a year to the day and that recording only lasted 2 hours on my YouTube channel before being removed for (of course), "violating community standards".

Both Andy Kaufman MD and Tom Cowan are no strangers to controversy nor being censored across multiple platforms, when it comes to having real and researched conversations about this "virus" and everything associated with it. They have been working tirelessly for years to help educate people about Terrain Theory among many other things, and lucky for us, are not showing any signs of giving in or giving up.

I love these two for their honest and common sense, authentic delivery of the facts, their explanations of the "real science" and how they consistently show up speaking the truth so that others may learn and take back their personal power. They both offer a variety of natural products on their respective websites that support holistic health and upload their own regular podcasts and interviews to keep us all in the loop, so please check them out and support them as you can.