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With Joe Biden And Democrats Putting America Last, They've Become 'Merchants Of Death' -

• By Justin O. Smith

I was born ready to live a life well-lived, aiming to do everything once and the good things twice. I don't know the time or the place of my death, and since I have every expectation of making it to 103, I'm certainly not trying to rush it; but of late, it seems as though I'm being prodded to die by the evil Machiavellian things that have hold of the U.S. government today. 

Many other Americans must surely feel much the same, as this regime pushes one fearful scenario after the next at us through our television screens each day. The Biden regime's actual creation of crises for the purpose of controlling Americans through the fear they generate has made them something of a death cult unto themselves. 

We have had them tell us that we must mandate wearing masks and taking the Covid vaccines. They say we will all die if we don't, only to soon discover these toxic brews were often deadly or extremely harmful and debilitating to thousands who submitted to the government and Big Corporation's demands, after being forced or coerced to do so through a variety of threats, i.e. loss of job or refusal of services. And the really ironic part is we now know these damned death jabs don't even stop anyone from contracting Covid and dying.