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Pentagon gives go-ahead to US Physicist to publish data on Nuclear Events on Mars


"We have evidence on Mars of two big nuclear explosions at two sites and if you look at the map, those sites are directly upwind of Cydonia Mensae and Galaxias Chaos — meaning they were targeted on those areas." 
- John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D., Morningstar Applied PhysicsAs far back as 2014 several news outlets covered Brandenburg's incredible findings - however it is now re-surfacing in a revolutionary and dramatic fashion. Why now? 

Brandenburg announced he submitted his findings to the US Defense Department and, after a six month examination of the data, The Pentagon has given its imprimatur not only for Brandenburg to publish his findings but to present them at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016 conference to be held in Long Beach, CA this September 13 to 16.