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We all rave on a yellow submarine! New battery-powered sub has room for 120 revellers...


A new party sub with capacity for 120 revellers to get down and jiggy for up to 24 hours (if they can last that long) is making waves in the hospitality industry.

The Dutch-built 'Under Water Entertainment Platform' (or UWEP for short) is a battery-powered 115 feet submarine that can dive to 650 feet and is singularly intended host the most 'prestigious and memorable events on the planet.'

The under water boat spans an interior of 1,600 square feet for its 120 guests plus the crew, and can be configured to include a 64-seat restaurant (Michelin-starred, the designers suggest), a subsea gym, an aquatic casino or even a wedding hall.

It was designed and built by U-Boat Worx, which specialises in both private and commercial submersibles, to 'shake up the hospitality industry'.

As many as 14 large windows inside the pressurised cabin, along with exterior lights to illuminate the ocean depths beyond, will allow the guests to behold the wonders and mysteries of the sea while they enjoy the facilities within.

Conceived along the lines of a mini cruise ship that cruises under the waves, party goers will be free to roam the stylish and luxurious the submarine at will during the 24 hours it can run underwater before needing to surface to recharge.