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Congress Plans to Do Its Job Next Week!

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

This is a great example of how Congress (and Lockheed Martin) usually does business.

"Normal" for Congress means "without debate, reflection, or transparency – and with limited honesty." Yet, Representative Adam Schiff (D, CA) just announced a plan, next week, "to shed light on "'one of the great mysteries of our time and to break the cycle of excessive secrecy and speculation with truth and transparency.'"  He added, "This may be the very thing that brings Democrats and Republicans together, at least for an hour or two."

How quaint.  The Congress, during normal business hours, will receive information on one of the most pressing issues of the day, "Are UFO's Real, and is it Russia's Fault?"

Normally, the Congress would already know the answer, generally along party lines.  The majority answers "Yes," to the question of UFO existence, and the supermajority answers "Yes" to the second part, that it is likely Russia's fault.

We can all applaud the idea of bringing Democrats and Republicans together.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine has certainly done a passable job at uniting the uni-party, and the MICIMATT channels both parties like twin Varuca Salts on a daily basis with, "I want it all!"

The Congress has a few other topics about which it might schedule an honest hearing, to shed some light on the mysteries of our time, so to speak.  One of these might be a US foreign policy that seems to have been designed to hasten first use of a modern nuclear weapon.  Neoconservative thinktanks – and the Pentagon – have been promoting for decades the idea of a winnable nuclear conflict.  Adam Schiff, as Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, knows this.