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When Is the US at War? Russia's Red Line

•, by Ted Snider

Just after you set out, though, you order the taxi driver to stop and redirect him from your friend's job site to a destination of your own. Whose ride is it now? Whose job is it now?

You are paying the fare, supplying the tools, stopping him from doing his job and pursuing a job of your own. Whose job is it?

Whose war is the war in Ukraine? The US and its NATO partners are paying for the war and supplying the tools. They have committed tens of billions of dollars in weapons to Ukraine. And they have hijacked the war by ordering Ukraine to subordinate its goals to the larger Western goals. "Even if Ukraine is ready to sign some agreements on guarantees with Putin," UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Zelensky, "[we] are not. . . . We can sign with you, but not with him."