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Couple transforms $55,000 two-story RV into luxury family home...


A family of five has renovated a two-story RV into their dream home where they now live full time on the road, and it comes complete with a master bedroom, two lofts, a kitchen, dining area, and a spacious living room.

Molly and Jaren Gracia, along with their three kids, Lillie, 13, Jaxton, nine, and Willow, four, from Texas, decided to ditch their home and move into an RV in 2019.

However, after a year of living in the mobile home, they realized were ready to upgrade their living situation.

For $55,000, the couple purchased a brand new, 400-square-foot RV - and decided to transform it into the perfect place for them to call home.

They spent two years working on it, slowly redoing each room - and it now has luxurious amenities like a rainfall showerhead, a washer and dryer, a fireplace, and a retractable projector screen for watching movies.

Before the family decided to move into an RV full time, Molly recalled struggling to take care of their kids by herself, since her husband was away a lot because of work.

They had purchased a small RV for him to stay in while he was traveling for his job as a contractor, but Molly hated how often they were apart.

'I was wanting to be with him instead of having a house with the kids and surviving on my own,' she told Insider recently. 

The couple began to toy with the idea of selling their home and moving the entire family into an RV full time so that they could all be together. And eventually, they decided to make the move.

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