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You can Live in this Orwellian Nightmare for "Just" $800 Per Month

•, by blueapples

Most Americans know that reality all too well without the need for a meme to transcend into the popular lexicon to espouse a sentiment they're familiarly acquainted with. Prices aren't only a concern for residential leasers as 34% of retailers were unable to make rent in April. Despite hope that rents peaked at the beginning of the year as 61 of the nations 100 largest cities saw rents fall, the inaffordability of housing has had a profound effect in the housing market with data showing that renters outlook on owning a home has plunged over the last year. The eternal rent outlook is welcomed by the likes of Blackrock, the World Economic Forum and the rest of the "you'll own nothing and be happy" cartel. To capitalize on the bleak future of renters, one Bay Area startup is offering its own take on affordable housing which encapsulates the decline of living standards so many Americans have experienced in recent years.