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The US Is Sending "Suicide Drones" to Ukraine

• Organic Prepper - Jeff Thompson

The robot dogs are already here. Now, it appears that the drones from Slaughterbots have finally arrived to the scene as well.

Headed out to Ukraine in the next weapons shipment is the Phoenix Ghost kamikaze drone system. While most of the details around this weapon are veiled in secrecy, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby has stated that the system is akin to the Switchblade kamikaze drone system.

What is the Switchblade kamikaze drone system? 

Manufactured by Arlington, Virginia, AeroVironment, Switchblade drones are tube-launched suicide drones equipped with explosive warheads. As of this writing, two varieties of the Switchblade system are available the 300 model series and the 600 model series.