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The Department of I Told You So

•, By eric

The story was about those Dastardly Rooskies – the usual – and their "plundering" of Ukie John Deere tractors, harvesters and other equipment. This being different than the "liberation" of Iraq some years back. At any rate, the "plundered" tractors didn't work – because John Deere disabled them.

The CNN story did not get into that – into what it implies – even cursorily. Instead it went on at length about it being done and how grand that was, a just-desserting of those awful Rooskies.

"The equipment now appears to be languishing at a farm near Grozny," the CNN piece explains. "But the contact said that 'it seems that the hijackers have found consultants in Russia who are trying to bypass the protection.' " 

Nothing at all about what such "protection" means.

Since CNN didn't, let's do.

It means that if John Deere – or GM – wants to do it, John Deere (or GM or any other purveyor of connected equipment) can render its equipment – or what you thought was your vehicle – inert, whenever it wishes. 

Defender of the Faith will say: But John Deere, et al, would never disable what you assumed was your tractor (or GM what you thought was your car) except for good reasons, such as theft, say.