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Is There a Shortwave Propaganda War Going On?

• Organic Prepper - Aden Tate

I was fiddling around with my shortwave radio the other night, toying around with hoping to pick up maybe a BBC or VOA (Voice of America) broadcast. For those that don't know, Voice of America is the United States' shortwave broadcast program. It can be picked up internationally and contains news about current events from an American perspective.

I won't get into whether or not VOA is trustworthy or not, because, frankly, I don't listen to it enough to feel that I can give a fair statement to that. I will say that a lot of the Left were upset with VOA about four years ago if that tells you anything, but, again, this is a mainstream media source. Take that for what it is.

After turning through the shortwave spectrum a bit, I finally picked up a broadcast I initially thought was one of the two – either the BBC or VOA. I figured it was the BBC as it was a British accent I was hearing. (It soon switched to native Chinese speakers.) The longer I listened, though, it soon became apparent that I was listening to China Radio International (CRI).

China Radio International is Beijing's version of VOA. It's a state-sponsored "news" program, updating its listeners on current events with a Chinese twist. There was quite a bit of talk about Shanghai as I was listening going on.