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Jack Dorsey Goes After CNN For Deliberately Stirring Division

•, by Paul Joseph Watson

The controversy started when CNN's Brian Stelter tweeted an article accusing Fox News host Tucker Carlson of "always selling the same thing…selling doubt."

"And you all are selling hope?" Dorsey responded.

"They're selling truth, which is hope-agnostic," Democrat pollster Spiers tweeted. "It's supposed to inform you, not make you feel some kind of way."

However, Dorsey wasn't having any of it and quickly shot back, "I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it causing the protestors to chant "fuck CNN."

When Dorsey was accused of "defending Tucker Carlson" (oh no, the horror), the Twitter founder responded that he was "not defending a thing" and simply "holding up a mirror."

Dorsey has been more vocal than ever before in recent days following the Twitter board, which he is about to step down from, desperately attempting to stop Elon Musk buying the platform.

On Saturday, Dorsey said the board's attempt to block the takeover is typical of tactics that have "consistently been the dysfunction of the company."

It's very apparent that Dorsey has had a moral awakening in recent years in which he realizes how the regime has fully seized control of Twitter and weaponized it to monopolize truth and silence dissenting voices.

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