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Putin's warning for the West: Vladimir vows 'consequences' for those who interfere...


Vladimir Putin today warned his enemies in the West they will face 'consequences' if they 'worsen the situation' in Ukraine, as the Russian strongman threatened to create 'waves of migrants' in Europe.

Putin, speaking in front of dozens of rockets at the Vostochny space launch facility in Russia's Far East, insisted that his faltering invasion of Ukraine would prevail as he warned of world starvation as a result of Western sanctions against Moscow.

The Russian President claimed Russia's economy and financial system withstood the blow from what he called the Western sanctions 'blitz' and insisted the move would backfire by driving up prices for essentials such as fertiliser, leading to food shortages and increased migration to the West.

Despite Putin's faltering invasion, which saw Russian troops retreat from Ukrainian cities and instead focus on the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, the leader said his war effort is going to plan as he vowed Russia would triumph in all of its 'noble' war aims.    

Putin said that 'common sense should prevail' and added that the West should 'come back to reason and make well-balanced decisions without losing its face.' 

He argued that new Western restrictions on high-tech exports will encourage Russia to move faster to develop new technologies, opening a 'new window of opportunities.'

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