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• by Hal Turner

"Currently, there are 599 public bomb shelters in Germany. We will check if we can upgrade more of these systems.

In any case, the dismantling has stopped,"" the interior minister said.

Hal Turner Remarks

Those of you who somehow think that World War 3 is **not** coming, would do well to open your eyes.   Countries all over Europe are taking similar steps with bomb shelters, and bunkers.

Just the other day, the European Union publicly announced they are allocating hundreds of millions of EUROS for war preps, specifically, NUCLEAR war preps. (Story HERE)

The situation right now is very, VERY, bad.   If a wider war breaks out in Europe, and it appears quite clearly that it will as we already see Chinese troops being deployed Saturday morning into Serbia (Story HERE), then people in the USA should EXPECT that our nation will be attacked.   We will very likely face missile strikes upon OUR military bases, upon OUR ports and port cities, and upon OUR infrastructure. 

Water, electric, communications, are all vulnerable to attack, and losing them would cripple society for weeks or months.

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