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Can Tabletop Hydroponics Keep You Fed?

• Organic Prepper - Amy Allen

So you're looking for ways to boost food production and willing to consider some creative alternatives? That's a good thing! By branching out into previously unexplored territory, you expand both your mind and your options. Skill development can only help, especially in uncertain times. In this article, I'll discuss tabletop hydroponics, an option workable in spaces big and small that doesn't cost a ton of money.

So what is hydroponics?

Generally, it's growing plants in water rather than soil. The plants are placed in a basket of some kind, often containing a sphagnum moss sponge or coco coir, and inserted into nutrient-enriched water.

While hydroponics requires power (for the lights), it does have many benefits. You can maximize your space as tabletop units can turn an otherwise unproductive area of your living space into food production. Labor is much less, as you don't have to weed or mulch, among other things. Your supply chain is local, therefore more predictable, and if you're growing your own food, you know it wasn't sprayed with God-knows-what for the trip! Hydroponic units actually use less water than growing in soil, and you don't have to deal with weather or pest problems. So what's not to love?

A tabletop unit can be well suited for growing greens, herbs, and micro-tomatoes. While such a unit can't produce 100% of your calorie needs, it can certainly add a layer to your food plan and contribute to your medicinal herb garden as well.