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In the NWO's Brainwashed Clown Cult, Every Day Is April Fools Day!

•, Jeff Berwick

One guess who said those highly ironic words? 

Indeed, it was the King of Slap himself… the Man With A Plan… the Official Best Actor Of The Year – signed, sealed, and approved by the NWO itself. 

And its main sponsor, Pfizer, who is not only going to cure alopecia, but, together with its friends at Moderna, also brought us alopecia… nicely packaged in the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination… better known to you and me as the Covaids lethal injection, the death jab, or the clot shot. 

More about that in today's video, along with,

The miracle of contagious vaccines, 
How to tell if you have acute long-Covid (or any Covid at all), 
The tragedy when Covid blue toes become Clot Shot no toes, and
The most gravity-defying Act in the world right now: Cryptocurrency!
That's right folks, it's a circus, and you have front row seats!

Of course, in a more inclusive world contest, no doubt the Supreme Thespian trophy would have been taken by Comrade Zelensky of Ukraine. Especially since Dr. Tony Fraudci, champion two-years-running, seems to have chosen the lesser road of actor-turned-magician – vanishing on the count of three.